About Us

Our Story

We are two headstrong women who have never let peoples' expectations and judgements constrain us. After being in a relationship for over 4 years we had thought to start something meaningful together to let us live out our passion of empowering women. We realised there is no better time in your life than when you are travelling, exploring the world and pushing your limits. Society portrays women as submissive and shuns the woman who is strong, opinionated and stands her ground. We believe the world is ready for this stereotype to change and we are at the forefront of this change. 

Trvl Boutiq to us is more than a brand, it's a movement. We want to create a strong community where like minded women connect with and support each other to accomplish great things. 


From the founders

I’m passionate about empowering women, and finding opportunities to build strong relationships and equally strong brands while blasting through stereotypes. Travel is my happy place; my way to make a difference in this world. I want to see and do it all, and inspire others to come with me on the journey.


Jessica Marchi

Co-Founder TrvlBoutiq


At a young age I always told myself that I would never depend on anyone to ‘provide’ for my needs. I detested the archetype of the damsel and was confused as to why all heroes were never the women.  We’re taught to be an accessory to men, but we need to celebrate our strengths and individuality, and live a life unconstrained by societal expectations. I believe you become your best self when you’re travelling – you’re carefree, content, connected. You’re part of the world, discovering, developing, being daring.


Jaemie Dela Pena

Co-Founder TrvlBoutiq


Equality now

Why did we choose Equality Now to partner with?

We believe that every life has the right to a safe, happy and healthy life. We find it absolutely unacceptable and appalling that someone can be subject to such inequality, danger and abuse simply for being born a woman. Young women are one of the most important yet vulnerable groups in society. Especially in countries that are in economic or political turmoil women are comodatized and placed in grave situations. 

Equality Now helps end disturbing crimes such as sex trafficking, sexual violence, harmful practices as well as helping defend legal equality. Equality Now supports a netowkr of women who lobby to end these crimes against humanity and we are 100% ready to support them all the way. Being young women ourselves it is unimaginable that women like us, or our sisters, daughters accross the world could be facing these situations. 

Want to support them further? Feel free to go to Equality Now directly. 


Need to contact us?

We are readily available on our chat below however feel free to contact us at any time at hello@trvlboutiq.com


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