Your Go-To Festival Survival Guide!

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Your Go-To Festival Survival Guide!

Hello Trvl babes! Festival season is finally upon us. YAY! Whether its Splendour, Listen Out or Bluesfest; here are some of our best tips to help you all remain your most amazing selves while living your best life!

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One word, water!

While this may be the most repeated tip for any festival goer, it’s also the most important! It’s an easy one to forget as we get so caught up in having a blast. Water keeps you hydrated and looking glowing while partying your heart out. Most festivals have water refill stations so if you're not keen on buying a water every time you get thirsty just keep the bottle and refill as you wish! You could even go one step further and bring a refillable water bottle. Save the environment and stay hydrated. Win, win! Every sip of water vs. every sip of your alcoholic beverage equals no hangover (or less) the next day!    

Slather up!

There is nothing worse than getting home from a festival and realising you’re going to look like a lobster the next day! UH-OH! Why not save yourself the pain of having to rub aloe vera all over your toasted bod? If you’re anything like us you hate the feeling of heavy, sticky sunscreen but dw! There are some really great spray sunscreens that offer protection against the rays, all while feeling non-existent on your skin. Perfect for a long day out in the sun. If you do happen to get a bit burnt, a nice soothing aloe vera gel and a cucumber face mask should help ease the burn.

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Feeling Fresh!

As gross as this may sound, festival showers are seldom the cleanest places. They are often super busy at the exact time you want to shower and the hot water runs out quicker than you can wash your shampoo out! But don’t fear, plan B is here... in the form of baby wipes, makeup wipes, and dry shampoo. These three are festival saviors! Especially when you’re tired, it's cold and you just want to hop in your sleeping bag and pass out. It’s also a good idea to have a toiletries bag so you can keep all your grooming needs in one place and don’t have to end up digging around for your toothbrush.

Light and Efficient is the way!    

Let’s be completely honest here, we often pack 27 tops for a five-day trip, thinking that we will want to change more than once a day or that it would be nice to have “options” when we are choosing the perfect festival outfit. But somehow despite this theory, we always end up wearing the daggiest top we own with a pair of denim shorts! Our recommendation, bring one pair of cute, comfy reliable boots or sandals, that you won't be sorry to say goodbye to if they get ruined.

Depending on how many days you have at the festival, if you want to have picture perfect outfits pre-pack them. That's right! A Few days before you leave, get your outfits sorted and pack them in order. You never have to stress or overpack ever again! It will be as easy as waking up and selecting which pre-packed outfit you wanna wear. Don’t forget to pack a small bag where you can keep your dirty laundry so it doesn’t get mixed with your clean clothes!  And of course don’t forget your crossbody phone purse, where you can put all the things you need for the day without the stress of losing them! Our crossbody phone purse is perfect for festivals, grab one before you leave! 

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It’s in the details!

As a generation that grew up with phones in our hands, avoid carrying your debit or credit card around by using our crossbody phone purse! Put in up to 3 cards and you're good to go. Or even better just get some cash out before you head to the festival that way you don’t have to splurge on the extra card fees when paying there!


These are just a few of our favourites! We would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for festival survival that we haven’t discovered just yet!  



Start packing & be festival ready with our Crossbody Phone Purse. Grab yours here! 

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Written by Melisa Kalnberzina

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