World’s top 9 places to celebrate Christmas!

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1. Santa Claus Village, Finland

In this village, Santa Claus is the person you will see roaming around during Christmas! It’s not something you see everyday. I would say to experience it at least once in a lifetime!


2. New York City, USA

I don’t think you need a blurb about why you should be in New York for Christmas… But just in case you have been living under a tree, you should go to New York where the world's tallest Christmas tree is lit at the Rockefeller Center in early December. Ice skating is a must in the same location!


3. Bondi Beach, Australia

Christmas in summer? You like a busy beach and loads of bars to drink with your friends and family? This is the place to be!! Bands and DJs rock the Pavilion, everyone checks out everyone else, and a festive atmosphere prevails.


4. Midnight Mass, The Vatican, Italy

Are you catholic? Do you believe in God? The Vatican city is magical at any time of year, but December has something a little more to it. You will find roasted chestnuts everywhere as well as Presepi which are native scenes from the birth of Jesus.


5. Dublin, Ireland

Irish people have a few ways to celebrate Christmas… one of them is a morning swim on the 25th at the Forty-Foot sea-water pool. SAY WHAT? And there's also 12 Days of Christmas Markets. Don't miss carols at St Patrick's Cathedral!


6. Nuremberg, Germany

You have got to try the Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market), in Nuremberg's Hauptmarkt. Visit after dark so you get to see all the Christmas lights! Christmas shopping never looked this magical.


7. Zurich, Switzerland

Who said CHOCOLATE? Zurich has got amazing Christmas markets (don't miss the one inside the train station), city strolls, and the MAGICAL singing Christmas tree! Oh and did I mention loads of Christmas carols??


8. Tokyo, Japan

In Japan, NYE is more important than Christmas, but wouldn’t you want to see the AMAZING decorations?? Christmas Eve is the big deal, resembling Valentine's Day as it’s like a night for couples and romance. Christmas Day isn’t even a holiday!


9. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Another sunny Christmas! This time with roasted pig and SALSA! Festivities start early December and go on until beginning January. The big feast is held on Christmas Eve, followed by Midnight Mass. Head to City Hall on the Plaza de Armas and the fairy-lit promenade Paseo de la Princesa.


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Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

Yours always, Jessica Marchi

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