Top 9 Festivals Around the World

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Top 9 Festivals Around the World

Festivals can be a lot of fun to attend, as you can learn quite a bit about culture, traditions, and the locals that live in the area where the festival is being held.  

Here are the top 9 festivals around the world


1. Oktoberfest, Germany

This beer festival and funfair is held every year in Munich from the middle to end of September through the first weekend of October.  If you go, you will be joining more than six million people from around the world as you all attend the parade, the tapping of the first beer barrel, and attend all the performances.


2. Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, Hong Kong

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This three-day event is held on Victoria Harbour and along with watching the boat races, you will be attending a massive party complete with clowns, entertainers, marching bands, and lion dances.  


3. Rio Carnival, Brazil

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You will be one of more than two million people on the streets every single day during this carnival.  The parades are wonderful, but you may find yourself at one of the numerous balls at Copacabana Palace or the beach, or at one of the other street festivals that are being held at the same time.  


4. SnowBombing, Austria

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This is one of the greatest performances that you will ever see during your lifetime!  The best international artists will be performing inside igloo raves and enchanted forests, while others will be on stages right out on the slopes.  


5. San Vino Wine Fight, Spain

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This Wine Fight takes place near Haro, which is home to forty percent of the region’s vineyards.  You can join thousands of others as you all climb a mountain and throw sweet red wine all over each other.  Afterwards, you will all descend the mountain to do traditional dances where the fun will continue with even more wine.  


6. La Tomatina, Spain

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This festival promises to be messy and a lot of fun, so if you are in Spain at the end of August, you must go!  La Tomatina is one massive food fight where you and everyone else will be throwing tomatoes at one another.  


7. Diwali, India

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Diwali is the festival of lights and it is the largest festival celebrated by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus around the world.  The date changes every year, and the celebrations are simple.  Houses are cleaned, Rangoli artwork is hung, family and friends are visited, gifts are exchanged, candles are lit, and a special puja prayer is said in the evening.  


8. Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

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In Mexico, everyone believes that their deceased loved ones will return on November 1st or 2nd, so they make colorful altars in their home as well as their loved one’s favorite foods and pan de muerto, which is a slightly sweet bread.  If you are there at this time, you will see the festivities continue at the cemetery, where people arrive with picnics, and play music as they eat and remember those that they love.  


9. Naadam Festival, Mongolia

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The Naadam Festival is comprised with three sports, wrestling, horseracing, and archery, but they also include the art of singing, dancing, and performing.  This festival is normally held in the beginning of July, but certain areas hold it at different time, so if your travel times have you in Mongolia at another date, you may still be able to enjoy this festival.  

These festivals are amazing, and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun if you attend any of them.  You may want to arrange some of your travel so that you can be in the area when some of these festivals are being held, just so you can be there in person!

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