Top 10 Theme Parks in Italy you DID NOT know about!

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Top 10 Theme Parks in Italy


1. Gardaland, Verona


Loads of people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland drive down in the summer months to come to this theme park. It is legit the best park ever! There 30 + rides and entry is about €40 adult price!


2. Canevaworld, Verona

You have not tried any fun water rides if you haven’t gone here. It is again in Northern Italy, we all know that is the best part of Italy. This park was my absolute favourite when I was in Italy. You must go here at least for a day. Please.


3. Le cornelle, Bergamo (zoo)

If you like zoos, you have to go to this one. It is in Northern Italy, close to lake Garda and Como. Just go here and do a day trip to “le Cornelle”. Entry is only  13 for adults. 


4. Italia in miniatura, Rimini


Wanna see Italy in miniature? You must visit this park. It is like visiting Italy but not really! You visit all the best sights of Italy in one all day! It’s something different to what you’re used to… just try it out! Prices depend on when you go, but you are looking at €17 per adult.


5. Etnaland, Catania


This themepark has got it all. From rollercoasters to water slides, it is the biggest themepark in south Italy. If you’re in the area, give it a go! Entry is € 36 depending on the season.


6. Mirabilandia, Ravenna

This is the biggest park in Italy. It’s for both families and young people. It’s surrounded by 3 lakes and has fake beaches which will make you feel like you’re at the beach! It is an experience you don’t wanna miss! Entry is € 35 per adult.


7. Movieland Park, Verona


You will feel like you are a director in Hollywood when you go to this park. It is right next to Canevaworld and a Medieval restaurant. The entry for this park is € 27. Love it! But If I were you I would just go to Caneva world and the medieval restaurant. Movieland is good but if you are already in Northern Italy you may as well go to Gardaland Instead! OR what you could do is do Movieland and Canevaworld in two days as they're so close! 


8. Fasanolandia, Puglia


This is super cool! It has rides and also a zoo! The zoo is  divided in different sectors, 20 rides and entertainment. Entry is only € 9. It is one of the biggest zoo parks in Europe… If you go to Southern Italy, this is a must!


9. Leolandia, Bergamo


This park is for families with children… I would’t recommend going here if you are a drunken party animal. But if you are a person with 10 children and like this kinda stuff, then go here because your kids will enjoy themselves. Entry starts at about € 15 per adult.  


10. Fiabilandia, Rimini


This park is mostly for the little ones and the families. It is extremely magical for your kids and still amazing if you’re in your twenties! Entry is € 23 for adults. 


There are plenty more parks but these are the top 10 for you guys to visit if you are planning a trip to Italy!! 

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