These 8 Perfect Places in Europe Will Make You Book Your Flight Today!

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 These 8 Perfect Places in Europe Will Make You Book Your Flight Today!

 Good looks aside, these 8 places in Europe have something that has left us all inspired and determined to go back.


Cinque Terre, Italy.

 OKAY SERIOUSLY! Who does not want to be here right now?? Immerse in the culture, in the colours of the buildings… Eating that delicious fattening Italian food, meeting the Italians and trying to have a conversation with hand gestures. Ahhh, take me there now.


Paris, France.


Paris just never gets old. Romantic city? I don’t know. Any city can be romantic if you make it. But Paris is beautiful, elegant, grand and their culture is so different than anywhere else you’ll ever go! You cannot be gluten free in Paris; baguettes are the way to go for lunch and dinner!


St Moritz, Switzerland                                                                               


One of the most beautiful places in Europe! If you do decide to go to Switzerland you have got to go to St Moritz in winter and go for a nice skiing session in the alps! It is incredibly close to Northern Italy, so you may want to consider going for a day trip!


Santorini, Greece


What about some Greek culture?! Mad at your ex? Go to Greece, you can smash plates and glasses and yell OPAAAA! The scenery is incredible and if you are obsessed with Instagram, you’ll get some great photos here!


Prague, Czech Republic


Castles, bridges, old towns… are you a fan of history and gothic churches? This is it, you have to go here. Don’t expect a beach holiday, you will go here to soak up ion history and some incredible culture.


Barcelona, Spain

Differently than Prague, if you want to go to the beach, party and drink on the beaches…. Barcelona is your go to! It is full of fun people that are excited to meet you, party with you and show you around! Not to mention the amazing and famous “La Rambla”! If you are looking for a party holiday, go here!


Countryside England, United Kingdom


Want a haunted holiday? Go here in countryside England! These vast green land are so far apart that you won’t have any wifi. STUNNING! If you want to experience a holiday away from society with the high chance to be possessed by a demon during your stay, make sure to go here!


Reykjavik, Iceland


Let’s finish off on a high note! If the latest holiday in England wasn’t ‘your cup of tea’, you may LOVE a winter holiday in Iceland! Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? What about staying in one of those Iglu’s with your loved one and snuggle up? Or even just with your friend if you want a different holiday to drunken Barcelona!!


DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A HOLIDAY NOW? We sure do! Maybe not to the countryside England though..............



By Jessica Marchi

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