The Only 10 Tips You Need To Travel Big on a Budget

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  1. Do NOT book with a travel agent

Booking with a travel agent means paying more. Travel agents make money by charging you more when you book a flight with them. That is exactly how they make money, however if you are on a budget, make sure you do your research online first and then take it to your local travel agent to price beat!

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  1.  Do NOT travel in peak season

Travelling in peak season doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a better time to go to that destination. It is infact a lot more expensive, especially in school holidays, summer holidays, easter and winter holidays. Pretty much any time everyone has time off work, it is most likely going to be very expensive. So our suggestion is to travel in off- peak seasons; prices will drastically drop and the crowds will also reduce.

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  1.  Plan ahead

Book well in advance, even 1 year in advance if you can! Try to be as flexible as possible and you can save some big bucks! Try to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, flights are a lot cheaper!

  1. Book your baggage along with your tickets

Make sure your luggage is included in your flight ticket, purchasing it at the airport will be quite costly so make sure it is included when you book. This will help you save money. If you are exceeding kilos with your carry on, I wouldn't suggest to risk it as if you get caught you need to pay there and then or they won’t allow you to bring the luggage on board with you. Make sure you book your luggage along with your tickets!

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  1. Be flexible

Most times, international flights with stop overs are fairly cheaper. Can you trade some time for dollars? I am sure you can as you can save a lot of money if you decide to go down that route. It actually is more adventurous if you do some stopovers because you get to see another city, or maybe just another airport …. But who cares you save mullah!

  1. Eat like a locavore

Eat like a local! Why go to a 5 star restaurant? Wouldn’t you want to taste that culture and how the people eat in the country?? Take your taste buds on an adventure too! And trust us, this will definitely save you some money!

  1.  Eat where the locals eat

Again, food food food. Who else loves food when they travel?? Eat where the locals eat, even if it’s a little ghetto, it is cool and you should do it too!

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  1. Don’t eat breakfast at your hotel

Unless you get breakfast thrown into the accommodation package for free, it is a lot better to get out and experience the real local breakfast! Hotel breakfasts are convenient but not necessarily the cheapest in fact they are most of the times overpriced. You will save money and you will have a more authentic travel experience.

  1. Buy travel insurance

Yes it is expensive but it is 100% worth it. If anything happens, you have insurance covering you. Imagine if someone stole your phone and had no insurance, it would be a lot more expensive to buy a new phone than to purchase the insure itself! Not only, if anything were to happen back at home, wouldn’t you want to come back and be near your loved ones? We recommend CoverMore Insurance, it is fully comprehensive!!

  1. Consider using public transport

Consider travelling like the locals do… when it’s safe of course. Find out what the cheapest way to get around is and make sure you do that to save money!


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