7 Pink Lakes Around the World

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What color are the lakes that you normally swim in?  We are going to say that you have probably always gone swimming in gorgeous blue lakes.  Right??

Well, there are some lakes around the world that are pink and if you have never been swimming in one of them or seen any of them, you are going to want to make some travel arrangements quickly and go!

Here are 7 pink lakes around the world

1. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

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This pink lake gets its nice hue from red mineral sediments, algae, and borax that is found in the water.  The water is normally very shallow, so you won’t be able to do any swimming in it. However, the flamingos that live there seem to love it!


2. Masazir Lake, Azerbaijan

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The salt that is found in this lake is what creates the pink color and the locals have harvested more than one billion tons of salt from the water and the surrounding ground.  By harvesting the salt, it has allowed them to commercialize the lake and add to its profitability. Of course, there are also sulfur deposits nearby for an appetizing rotten egg smell.


3. Dusty Rose Lake, Canada

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This pink lake is in a very remote location, so it is quite difficult to access.  However, it still seems to draw numerous visitors every year, mainly due to the fact that no one knows why the lake is pink.  There is no algae or salt in the water that is causing it to turn pink and it is quite the mystery!


4. Salina de Torrevieja, Spain

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Salt mining used to be one of the main ways of life in the community of Torrevieja, plus with where it sits on the Mediterranean Sea, most locals and visitors spend a lot of time fishing there.  However, you might only want to simply visit the area to see the fabulous pink lake that is next to the city.


5. Pink Lake, Australia

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The bright pink lake in Australia is only this hue when the salt content and sunlight interact with the algae just right.  However, the sand next to the water is also different shades of pink, so you will experience a true pink rainbow between the sand and the water.


6. Lake Retba, Senegal

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The pink color of this lake is created from the salt that is found within it.  In fact, the salt content is said to be at about forty percent, which is about the same as the Dead Sea.  While you can enter these pink waters for a swim, you will not want to stay in them for too long, or you will walk out with your skin severely dry and damaged.  The pink hue of this lake may seem darker on some days due to the sunlight that is shining down on it.


7. Lake Hillier, Australia

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The water in this lake is pink inside the lake and that will not change even if you take it out and place it in a cup or a bowl.  The water has high levels of salt and there are salt deposits all over the shoreline as well.

These pink lakes are quite unique and definitely worth a trip to see!  If you haven’t seen one up close, you may want to book your next trip near one of them, so you can experience one for yourself.  

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