10 Top Things to Do While Visiting Tallinn

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10 Top Things to Do While Visiting Tallinn

The town of Tallinn in Estonia is full of medieval architecture and history, but don’t cross it off your list before you give it a chance! I mean, this town has plenty of charm and mystery, even though it seems to be older than the hills!

Here are the 10 top things to do while visiting Tallinn, Estonia:

1. See the view from Toompea

Toompea is a neighborhood in town, and while I admit it has a weird name, it does have a good view to go with it.

2. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

You can stop here when you are in Toompea, and you won’t be able to miss this cathedral as it is high up on a hill. It was built in 1900, which is probably why they won’t let anyone take pictures inside, but make sure you go in and see the gold candelabras and unique mosaics anyway.

3. Toompea Castle

A visit to Toompea is not going to be complete without a stop at the Toompea Castle. This castle has been used since the 9th century but you can only find the Parliament of Estonia there now.

4. Market Square

Market Square is in the center of this old town and it is a fabulous meeting place before you head off in any direction.

5. The view from St. Olav’s Church

The tower of this church was built in 1267 and while the 258 stairs may seem like a lot, you are going to want to climb them all to see the views from the top. Please don’t wimp out like the locals and say that you don’t need to see the phenomenal views because you will not get a better picture anywhere else in town.

6. Explore every single cobblestone street

You can spend hours exploring every single cobblestone street in Tallin, just make sure that you look up every once in a while, to spot the colorful doors and pastel buildings. Two of the most colorful streets are Pikk, which happens to be the longest street in the old town, and Katariina Käik.

7. Take a stroll along the town walls

If you are feeling daring and brave, or just wanna take a chance at death, climb up on the town walls and walk along them. You will find some amazing views as long as you don’t fall over the side of one of them!

8. Eat some delicious treats at the local pastry shop

Rukis is a cute pastry shop in town and you will find it quite difficult to turn down any of the delectable treats that they have for sale. You might as well plan on staying for a couple of hours, as it will probably take you that long to try everything that they make! 

9. Purchase a little-powdered unicorn horn

Powdered unicorn horn in one of the many quirky items that you will find inside the town hall pharmacy in Tallinn. It is supposed to be the oldest pharmacy in Europe and with items like that...

10. Travel to Helsinki for the day

Finland is only two hours to the north, so you might want to hop on the ferry to see the sights in Helsinki. After all, that city is the complete opposite of Tallinn, so if you haven’t fallen in love with this town, you will finally have found your escape plan!


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