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I know what you are thinking. You are scared, you have no idea what to do and your brain is just thinking of too many things at once. RELAX! Breathe, you are going on a holiday!

With many years of travel under my belt, I thought to give you 10 tips for you as a new traveller!


1. Take extra money.

Yes, budget before you leave BUT make sure you put extra money on top of what you budgeted. Why? There are always other expenses that you didn’t account for. What if something happened and you needed to buy yourself something that you didn’t think of? Exactly. Think of these things and budget for those too!

2. Don’t be so shy.

If you are travelling alone, don’t be too shy. Talk to people, ask them to play drinking games, organise outings. And if they are rude, who cares, what have you got to loose? Nothing! Take off your earphones and look up from your phone camera, there are people that want to be your friend!

3. Be adventurous.

Do things you never thought you would do. Do it now while you are in a new country! Challenge yourself. Take risks. Try new things. You will not regret it, if anything you can say “yep, i did that”.

4. You aren’t stuck.

If you are hating travelling and you desperately want to go home, you can do that no one is stopping you. It’s better to try than to not try at all! At least now you know you don’t like it!! Remember you aren’t stuck, you can always go back home!

5. You don’t need a lot of gear.

Pack light, you don’t need much. Make sure you pack your travel essentials so you aren’t uncomfortable throughout your flight and holiday! I purchased a travel pillow for my flight to Europe and I got an atomiser for my perfumes. I could not go to Europe without smelling delicious, yet I didn’t want to risk my perfumes to get smashed in the luggage! Pack light and you’ll have less to carry.

6. Get a phone.

I mean, is this even a thing? But just in case you didn’t want to bring your phone. Do not be silly, take your phone because you will be meeting so so many people that you will want to see again! You’ll meet a lot of people on the road who you will want to see again. While you travel, not everyone is going to have internet, so make sure you get yourself a sim card and that way you call your friends when you can see they haven’t received the message you sent them 4 hours ago!

7. Go with the flow.

Don’t plan everything for everyday because let me tell you, you will get stressed out and then you won’t want to do it anymore as you will be too damn tired. Just go with it, leave yourself time to do whatever you wish… \

8. Don’t be scared.

Stop being scared! It won’t help. Remember, you are not the only person travelling the world for the first time, so relax and look at this s a new adventure! It’s not like you are going into the jungle to discover new animal species with the high chance to die of poison. It’s okay, enjoy your adventure and don’t be scared.

9. Don’t live by your guidebook.

Don’t do only the stereotypical places that your guide says you must see. Of course go see those attractions but you will soon find out the off-the-beaten track destinations are the best ones yet! Connecting with the locals and hanging out with them will give you a totally different experience. Plus, you have to remember everything is subjective so wouldn’t you want to judge a place yourself rather than following some random guide?

10. You are not alone.

Exactly. You are not alone, wherever you go, there will be people there in the same shoes as you, happy to help and your friend. They will guide you if you are lost and you will never be alone even though you are travelling alone.

I know you are scared and shitting your pants, but you will come back a different person. Better and more confident with a whole lot of experience under your belt.

You can do it, have fun!!


By yours truly, 

Jessica Marchi 

Trvlboutiq Team

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